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Wasting Time (orig. Tiempo Perdido) [2014]

MPAA (UR would be PG-13)  Fr. Dennis (3 1/2 Stars)

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Wasting Time (orig. Tiempo Perdido) [2014] [IMDb] []* (written and directed by Alexander Giraldo [IMDb] []*) is a small Crash [2004]-like COLOMBIAN film about five quite average residents of Bogotá, each with their story, some of which interweave during the course of film, and all of which find themselves "waiting" for something to happen, to be fulfilled, etc, and facing the prospect of modifying their dreams or even putting their dreams / lives on holdThis very personal/personalist film played recently at the 2015 (31st) Chicago Latino Film Festival.

The characters who facing these dilemmas involving waiting, dreams and time are:

Diego (played by Diego Ramírez Hoyos [IMDb] [FAes]*) who's spent 35 years in a jail arguably having covered for a friend Gonzalo (played by Julio Pachón [IMDb] [FAes]*)who was lucky enough to "beat the rap."  How could his friend (or "friend") possibly repay him for those lost 35 years?

There's Laura (played by Angélica Blandón [IMDb] [FAes]*) a violinist for Bogotá's symphony orchestra who's anguished to the point of suicide having lost her ten year-old daughter in a freak school bus accident.

There's Jesús (played by Andrés Torres [IMDb] [FAes]*) a Bogotá street cleaner who along with his girlfriend Jenny (played by Cami Martínez [IMDb] [FAes]*) are expecting their first baby.  He's also a gifted artist (a cartoonist) but caring for his girlfriend, his mother and a with a baby on the way, is there any time at all for such frivolity?

There's Luis (played by Alejandro Aguilar [IMDb] [FAes]*) a young, gregarious construction worker / amateur soccer referee, but who's life is dominated now with caring for _his_ mother Amanda (played by Marcela Valencia [IMDb] [FAes]*) suffering with Alzheimer's Disease.

There's Piña (played by Manuel Sarmiento [IMDb] [FAes]*) a kick-boxer with a drinking problem trying to prove to his manager Nacho (played by Roberto Iznaga [IMDb] [FAes]*) that he can both "play the game" and is _not_ a "wash up."

And there's Daniela (played by Jennifer Arenas [IMDb] [FAes]*) who works as a cashier in a bicycle shop but a brilliant local "Sudoku champ."  But honestly, how could one EVER use THAT "gift" to "pay the bills"?  

Some of these stories become interconnected as the film proceeds and as the Reader can see these are all very real people with real, if often small, dreams and yet all must face / come to terms with the often difficult realities that the face.

A very nice "small film" about some big / very real questions.

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