Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Incident (orig. El Incidente) [2014]

MPAA (PG-13)  Fr. Dennis (3 Stars)

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The Incident (orig. El Incidente) [2014] [IMDb] [FAes]* (written and directed by Isaac Ezban [IMDb] [FAes]*) is a MEXICAN Twilight Zone [1959-64]  [wikip] [IMDb]-ish Sci-Fi film that played recently at the 2015 -- 31st Chicago Latino Film Festival

Two brothers, Carlos and Oliver (played by Humberto Busto [IMDb] [FAes]* and Fernando Álvarez Rebeil [IMDb] [FAes]* respectively), small time crooks, find themselves being chased by an oddly zealous police officer Marco (played by Raúl Méndez [IMDb] [FAes]*) down a staircase which, after Marco shoots / wounds Oliver, they discover to all their horror, appears to have wrapped back onto itself, in mobius-strip fashion, trapping them between the same 10 floors no matter what they do.

Similarly, Sandra (played by Nailea Norvind [IMDb] [FAes]*) in the process of divorcing her husband, finds herself trapped along with her two kids and new her boyfriend Roberto (played by Hernán Mendoza [IMDb] [FAes]*) on an open / deserted stretch of highway somewhere in rural Mexico (they were heading out, "as a (new) family" for the first time, "together," on a holiday).  Again, the stretch of road appears to wrap back onto itself no matter which way they try to go.

In both cases, they find themselves trapped in this way without hope of escape for decades-on-end.  The only thing that does seem to go in their favor, sort of, is that everything (within their constrained prison-like situations) seems to reboot with each new day.  So ... a vending machine in the staircase, and a country gas station "closed for the holiday" (so empty of people, but stocked with basic supplies) on the open stretch of highway, are found to be mysteriously replenished each new morning. 

So what would you do, trapped in such minimalist circumstances, with people that you don't necessarily like or trust, basically ... forever ?

It's like Groundhog Day [1993], only bleaker and darker ... again, Twilight Zone [1959-64]  [wikip] [IMDb]-ish.  Good job, maybe ;-)

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