Saturday, December 1, 2018

2.0 [2018]

MPAA (UR would be PG-13) (3 1/2 Stars)  Fr. Dennis (4 Stars)

IMDb listing
FiBt listing (S. Abrams) review

2.0 [2018] [IMDb] [FiBt] (directed and tamil dialogue cowritten by S. Shankar [IMDb] [FiBt], along with Jayamohan [IMDb] and Lakshmi Saravanakumar [IMDb], hindi dialogue written by Abbas Tyrewala [IMDb]) is a fun if apparently wildly expensive Indian (Tamil) Sci-Fi film about "The Day the Cell Phones Disappeared."

What happened?  They just all "flew away," right out of people's hands all over the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, one day.  Why?

Well, they seem to have been "called together" by the soul of a tormented environmental activist named Pakshi Rajan (played by Akshay Kumar [IMDb] [FiBt]) who had been convinced that microwaves from cell phones were killing birds (by frying their brains).  So in despair, he had hung himself from a cell-tower in protest and ... his soul apparently got sucked into the microwave ether where ... he became able to call all the cell phones from all over the state to form a shape changing "flock" of cell phones that sometimes even took the form of a GIGANTIC bird of prey that would attack random "people of interest" (usually promoters of cell phone and other "anti-bird" technology) throughout Tamil Nadu.

Enter a geeky scientist named Dr. Vaseegaran (played by Rajinikanth [IMDb] [FiBt]),  He too was (mildly) bitter.  He had previously created a marvelous all-purpose (but particularly adept at law-enforcement) robot named ... Chitti (also played by Rajinikanth [IMDb] [FiBt]).  But the good doctor had been forced previously (at the end of a previous film... Endhiran [2010] [IMDb] [FiBt]) to terminate his research by a government not particularly interested in robotic technology (in a country with so many PEOPLE desperate for work / livelihoods).  Sooo ... pouting a bit ... he contented himself with creating a simultaneously hot yet sensible looking / super intelligent robotic personal assistant named Nila (played by Amy Jackson [IMDb] [FiBt]) to "accompany him" in his "waning years."  Honestly Asimov would have been awe-struck by (and perhaps tormented over) Nila.  She was truly EVERYTHING but ... free (but, of course, programmed not to mind...).

But now the country was in peril.  So the Government FINALLY gives him the permission to "unleash" his original creation, Chitti, into the fray to battle this otherworldly cellphone dominating Monster.  Much often very, very funny ensues... in good part because "Chitti" is not exactly "robocop" but rather a rather chatty, again, truly all-purpose robot ;-).  Anyway, much ensues ...

A fair question could be asked:  Does the plot make sense?  BUT does it have to?  Did ANY of the plots of Sharknado movies ever make sense?  What about the Spielberg, Belushi, Aykroyd "flop" 1941?  There are SO MANY sight gags, one liners, two liners in this film that to complain about "plot integrity" would be to WILDLY MISS THE POINT ;-).  A truly fun / great job ;-)

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