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The Edge of Seventeen [2016]

MPAA (R)  CNS/USCCB (O) (3 1/2 Stars)  AVClub (B+)  Fr. Dennis (1/2 Star)

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The Edge of Seventeen [2016] (written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig) while NOT as completely awful as The To Do List [2013] continues a string of more-or-less obviously culturally left-wing propaganda pieces trying to be "next generation John Hughes"-like productions.

In the current film, otherwise promising young actress Hailee Steinfeld plays Nadine an already socially awkward sixteen year-old "with a story" -- her dad (played by Eric Keenleyside), who she dearly loved / counted on, died of suddenly of a heart-attack when she was 13 -- is driven to the edge when her best and arguably only friend Krista (played by Haley Lu Richardson) suddenly starts dating Nadine's hot/far more popular older brother Darian (played by Blake Jenner):

Shocked, dismayed, threatened, Nadine pleads: "Krista, it's either me or him.  It can't be both.  I've had your back for nearly 10 years, and my brother's an a-hole.  You have to choose ... now."    

Shocked now as well and offended by the threat, Krista picks ... you know ... and the rest of the film unspools from there.

Now, what would there be to _not_ like about a film with a set-up like this?  Almost ANY viewer would immediately identify with Nadine's feelings / situation.

The problem that I had with the film was with the soullessness of what follows.  To the cultural Left, God MUST be Dead.  And to be honest, if the film at least just left God "dead," I'd have far kinder words to say about the film -- even if the film, more or less obviously presents a case of "a teenage Job" ;-).  Instead, the film's maker(s) need to have God ridiculed:

In a totally gratuitous scene, Nadine is shown SITTING ON THE TOILET and THERE decides for some reason to PRAY.  Yet two seconds into her "prayer" she returns to complaining to God about how HE was "never there for her."  And at the end of her "prayer" and apparently her "movement" she reaches for the toilet paper and ...

Liberals reading this Blog, if you ever doubt WHY Donald Trump was elected President THINK OF THAT SCENE.  That was 2 minutes offered to MILLIONS of _captive viewers_ THAT DID NOTHING (added NOTHING to the story) BUT GRATUITOUSLY INSULT THE FAITH OF TENS OF MILLIONS OF SAID VIEWERS.   That's why Donald Trump is President -- because of DECADES of stupid, gratuitous insults (OVER and OVER) such as this.   

Franco too, did not become DICTATOR in Spain in a vacuum.  He BECAME the REASONABLE CHOICE for Spain because the Left CHOSE to "shoot up nuns."  Say what???  Yes, the looney Communists of Spain would STORM CONVENTS and _shoot-up nuns_ ... in up-to-then Super CATHOLIC Spain.  One of the nuns they shot-up in this way, MarĂ­a Francisca Ricart Olmos, OSM is now a Blessed from my religious order (the Servites).  Generally speaking, when a Party chooses to pointlessly / gratuitously _shoot-up nuns_, they literally LOSE "THE WAR" ...

I mention this because Left often has an utter blindness as to how they piss people off.  It doesn't take "a Racist" to get PISSED-OFF at the sight of NUNS being shot-up.  It doesn't take "a Racist" to get pissed-off at the depiction of "Prayer as Bowel Movement."

And that is why I am disappointed and ANGRY that those who could have made a very good film here CHOSE to STUPIDLY CHEAPEN IT by _making it_ a CULTURAL LEFT-WING PROPAGANDA PIECE. 

With sadness ... 1/2 Star.

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