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El Jeremías [2015]

MPAA (PG-13)  Fr. Dennis (4+ Stars)

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El Jeremías [2015]  [IMDb] []*(directed by Anwar Safa [IMDb] []*, screenplay by Ana Sofía Clerici [IMDb]) is a lovely Mexican family film about a little kid, Jeremías (played by Martín Castro [IMDb] []*), growing up in a very average family in a non-descript town in the northern Mexican state of Sonora who from the beginning thought that somehow, for some reason, he "never really fit in."

To be sure his parents Onésimo (played by Paulo Galindo [IMDb] []*) and Margarita (played by Karem Momo Ruiz [IMDb] []*) both in their mid-twenties, he working as a cashier in a convenience store, she a stay-at-home ma, were _definitely_ "buena gente" (nice, gentle, salt-of-the-earth people).  So were more driven / still working 40-something grandma Audelia (played by Marcela Sotomayor [IMDb] []*) and bis-abuela (great grandma) Hermanina (played by Isela Vega [IMDb] []*).  Bis-abulelita Hermanina just stopped talking some years back.  No it wasn't that she had a stroke or something.  Indeed, she spent most of her days knitting. It was just that one day she just came to the conclusion that she really didn't have really much more to say ;-).  There was also a 15 or so year old tio (uncle) to Jeremias, who, well like a 15 year old anywhere, had the concerns of a 15-year-old ... sports (soccer) and music (he had a 15 year-olds dreams of "forming a band").

How could one _not_ like a lovely family like this?  And 6-7 year old Jeremías _loved_ his family.  It's just, honestly, he _always_ thought he never fit in.

Well, after _repeatedly_ and honestly quite unintentionally proving that he was smarter (at 6 or 7) than his 1st-2nd grade teacher (played by Alexia Sobarzo Rosas [IMDb]), they give an IQ test and little Jeremías proves to have an IQ of 160 (!).  OMG ... no wonder and "now what?"

A professor / child psychologist named Dr. Federico Forni (playe by Daniel Giménez Cacho [IMDb] []*) flies up from Mexico City and offers Jeremías' parents a new life for their son (in the D.F.) in an environment where he'd be surrounded by other really, really intelligent kids.  But would little Jeremías be happier living with "really smart people" or with _his_ people? ;-)

HONESTLY, A LOVELY, LOVELY AND GENTLE STORY ;-)  Certainly one of the best kids movies of the year and possibly of the decade!  Great job!

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