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Bad Moms [2016]

MPAA (R)  CNS/USCCB (O)  ChicagoTribune (2 Stars) (3 Stars)  AVClub (C+)  Fr. Dennis (2 Stars)

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Bad Moms [2016] (cowritten and codirected by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore) is an often crude film though not nearly as crude as say the Hangover [2009-] movies.  Still the film certainly deserves its R-rating and the target audience really are ... moms ... often overworked and often underappreciated.

The opening voice-over by Mila Kunis, who plays Amy the eventual ring-leader of the "Bad Moms club" at a random suburban school nominally located somewhere in the Chicago area, could make you cry:  A harried working mother of two, Dylan (played by Emjay Anthony) and Jane (played by Oona Laurence) both somewhere between 10 and 12, married to a quite clueless, entitled-feeling dolt of a  husband, Mike (played by David Walton) who's definitely _not_ pulling his weight, certainly not with domestic chores at home (and again, "doesn't have a clue"...), Amy confesses that "the only thing that I've become good at is ... being late" and "at least once a day, I become convinced that I've somehow become the worst mother in the world."  

Sigh ... I do believe that A LOT OF MOTHERS feel that way though I do hope that the clueless, entitled-feeling dolt of a husband is above all a device invented by the scriptwriters to give their heroine Amy permission to enter into a (let's face it, morally unjustifiable but "wouldn't it be nice") inappropriate relationship with the school's "hot widower" (As he walks by with his cute-as-a-button eight year old daughter, one of the ogling moms, distracted by his studliness, says: "I'm sooo happy that he _lost his wife_ ... he's sooo hot" ;-).  Yes, it's that kind of movie with things that are _just unbelievably inappropriate_ being said in rapid fire every couple of minutes or so ;-).    Another memorable line was that of Carla (played by Kathryn Hahn) another "charter member of the Bad Moms club" fondly recalling in almost "sharknado fashion" her twenties (after Amy confesses that part of her life's difficulties was that she married early - at 20 when she got pregnant by Mike) saying: "Yup, you missed out.  It was just raining d..ks, in my twenties, just a deluge, falling from the sky, left, right, everywhere, nothing, nothing, nothing but d..ks." 

So dear Readers, you get an idea of what this movie is like.  There's also some creepy "Hollywood messaging" in the film in which the good old "Bad Girl" of the Bad Moms club Carla apparently goes on a same-sex kissing binge of a whole bunch of previously "uptight PTA moms" at a party thrown by the Bad Moms.  Imagine if a guy went around randomly kissing those previously "uptight PTA moms."  It'd be denounced by many as sexist and creepy, making light of unwanted sexual advances.  Here same sex creepiness is portrayed as "hey, okay."  Anyway, it's a small point, but it's there.

So is this a "great movie?"  No.  But I do think a lot of moms today would get a kick out of it.  It does say things that are wildly inappropriate, but precisely because they shock the ears, they're often LOL funny.

In any case, moms please don't take your little kids to this and (obviously) don't make this film "your Bible."  But ... enjoy the laughs ;-)

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