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Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos [2015]

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Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos [2015][IMDb] []* (written and directed by Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste [IMDb] []*) is an high quality (available in 3D) Spanish language (English subtitled) children's oriented "screwball comedy" / animated film that comes from Mexico that tells the story of Toto (voiced by Bruno Bichir) a young rooster (a "gallito") who has to "step-up" to defend his farm in a (cock fighting...) ring or else the farm and all who/that he loves would be sold-off to pay-off the kindly but over-her-head widowed farmowner's (viejita's) debts.

Of course, initially Toto is not anywhere near up to the task.  But with help of the other feathered (and shelled ;-) friends on the farm and its environs -- his coach becomes an orphaned bling wearing "duck egg" named Patín Patán (voiced by Omar Chaparro) -- he (mild spoiler alert) rises to the challenge, ;-)

Of course, there's a love interest, bespeckled Dí (voiced by Maite Perroni) whose father (voiced by ) was, "back in the day", the farm's champion rooster (hence someone that Toto needs to impress prior to "walking off into the sunset" with Dí).

There's also "temptation" namely, a peahen named "Chiquis" (voiced by Ninel Conde) who the kinder (but less exotic) Dí finds herself competing with: "Can't you see that she's 'genetically engineered'?" Dí exclaims to Toto at one point in frustration.  But Chiquis' real beau is the regional champion rooster Bankivoide (voiced by Sergio Sendel) who Toto is setup by a ring of bald ;-) but strangely (painted on) goatied "mafia eggs" led by a Brando-like "padrino" egg of few but ever consequential words ;-).

Much, of course, ensues ... ;-)  It's a remarkable work of, often frenetic, creativity ;-).

To be honest, some / many Anglo-American viewers may be put off, at least initially, by the film's central dramatic metaphor -- cock fighting presented here as the chicken/rooster equivalent to "boxing."  But after about 10 minutes of feeling rather uncomfortable with it, I let it go.  The roosters in the film wore "boxing gloves" as they went into the ring ;-).  (Note that in the second Rio [2014] film, the (Brazilian) parrots played a kind of "soccer" / "football" ;-)

My favorite characters in the current film were the cool "rapping" ducks, including "Snoop Duck" as well as another really cool, almost zen-like "samurai" duck named Jean Claude van (guess ;-) and then a couple of "country bumpkin" possums who find themselves continually surprised by all the traffic, back and forth, between farm and city of farm animals that they themselves would "kinda want to eat" if only they would _just slow down_ for a little while ;-).  "Who would have guessed that _chickens_ and even _eggs_ can move so fast!" one of the poor increasingly frustrated (and hungry) possums complains ;-)

Anyway, if one can get past / accept the cock-fighting metaphor, it's a pretty fun and certainly very creative film! 

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