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Go Goa Gone [2013]

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Go Goa Gone [2013] (directed and screenplay cowritten by Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru along with Sita Menon additional help with dialogue by Kunal Knenu and Raja Sen) is an Indian (Hindi language/English subtitled) horror/comedy that played recently at the 49th Chicago International Film Festival.  American viewers will certainly find affinity to Hollywood's Harold and Kumar [1] [2] [3] films.

After Luv (played by Vir Das) gets dumped by his girlfriend, he and his stoner room-mate Hardik (played by Kunal Khemu) convince their geeky if also harder-working roommate Bunny (played by Anand Tiwari) to go on a road trip to Indian beach resort town of Goa.  To get him to drive them there, they convince Bunny that this is for a business meeting. 

Arriving, Luv and Hardik are told by an attractive young woman, Luna (played by Pudga Gupta) that the real party that night will be held on an island offshore (shades of Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach [2000]).  Not easy to get to, they nevertheless arrive and find that the (rave) party swinging.  However, they (it turns out thankfully) pass-out before the real action begins.  Some new ecstasy-like drug is being passed around, and ... it turns people into zombies.

Waking-up, hung-over (aka The Hangover [2009]) the three, and Luna, find that much as changed ... and, of course, much ensues ... including much involving a gun-toting if still amiable Russian mafia type named Boris [played by Saif Ali Khan] who it turns-out is also appalled (a la The Big Lebowski [1998]?) that his really cool party got ruined by this drug that turns out to turn people into zombies.

The film seems to have a message of appreciating that "all people (even Russian mobster types...) genenally just want to have a good time" even if the drug trade can produce quite awful "unintended consequences" ... like turning previously happy and attractive people into dreadful flesh-craving zombies ;-)

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