Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Price Check [2012]

MPAA (UR)  Chicago Tribune (3 stars) Fr. Dennis (3 Stars)

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Chicago Tribune's (Gary Goldstein) review

Price Check (written and directed by Michael Walker) is a small, low budget "indie" picture that I sw recently at Chicago's Facets Multimedia theater a few blocks east on Fullerton from Ashland.  As such the story is simple but certainly contemporary.

Pete Cozy (played by Eric Mabius) lived a rather uneventful life with his wife Sara (played by Annie Parisse) and their kindergarten aged daughter in suburban New York, working in the Long Island regional office of a rather middle-of-the-road, arguably boring supermarket chain.

Into these doldrums enters a firebrand named Susan Felders (played by Parker Posey) who for reasons that seem baffling to the staff of this previously sleepy regional office had apparently machinated her way into taking their regional boss' job.  Why would anyone want their apparently sacked boss' job?  And why would anyone want to come out all the way to "midway-up Long Island" from "Corporate" (located in Los Angeles) to "change things?"  Yet she arrives with corny, eye-rolling enthusiasm quickly instituting (without asking) the office's "the first annual Halloween party -- costumes MANDATORY" and then insists that everyone at the party SING at the kareoke mic.  What an unbelievable nightmare ... ;-)

She also takes a quick and arguably inappropriate "liking" to Pete who she tries to butter-up and get him to become her "right hand man" to the obvious, eye rolling derision of the rest of the office staff.  But hey, she's the new Boss, who makes NO SECRET that she's been sent there by "Corporate" with a blank check and well, when she opens that magic checkbook and at the drop-of-the-hat doubles Pete's salary, that's a kind of "life changing development" for a late 30-something marketing expert who's previously been resigned to essentially sleep at work, all the more so since she insists on coming over to his house and with equal vigor and persistence seeks to befriend his wife.

What the heck is going on?  After-all, all this "regional office" does is help the "Corporate's" local grocery stores "stock their shelves."  This is not exactly the Apollo or Manhattan project ...

Well much ensues.  And probably anyone who's ever worked in the "regional office" of anything will enjoy the ride...

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