Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Those who know me know that I'm an avid moviegoer and over the years I've been asked by a good number people to start a blog like this giving my thoughts on the various movies that I've seen. So here it is.

I will always try to put up links to the USCCB's movie review page and Roger Ebert's movie reviews as well.

My view of the movies that I see will naturally come from my own "sitz im leben," that is from my own experience of being a rather well traveled, multi-ethnic Catholic priest, who has always had an interest in "inculturating" the message of the Gospel in our time and place.

Since my time in the seminary, I've liked movies because "going to the movies" is one of the few "mass experiences" (outside of going to Mass/Church) available in our culture AND one which isn't particularly time consuming.

In 2-3 hours the experience of seeing a movie is over and the movie is ready to be discussed (again, not unlike the length of time of a Mass or Chruch Service, though the Mass/Church services are generally somewhat shorter). In contrast, the time needed to read a good book or to follow a television series is generally larger.

I also believe that all art is meant not only to be consumed but to be discussed, be it over a few beers or, in our times, over the internet ;-).

So that is why I am happily starting this blog. May God bless this endeavor and help us to better understand the world in which we live in and thus better to understand how to apply the Gospel in our times.

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